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Dr. Aiello has been a family practice physician in San Diego since 1991.  He is an Osteopathic physician. Therefore, he has been trained to consider the whole body  when he is diagnosing and assessing patients.  Dr. Aiello is working integratively with Dr. Bronner Handwerger.

The predominant philosophy of the San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine is to help patients heal themselves.  They have established an integrative health environment. 

In this environment, you get the best of both traditional and alternative therapies.  They have modalities to treat the physical, mental, and emotional states for all patients.
Patients are welcomed in a warm and caring environment where their needs are met using conventional and alternative treatments.  They have integrated many techniques to aid the patient in healing.  Those techniques include Hormone Replacement, Pain Management, Weight Loss, Nutritional support,  and Mind-Body medicine

Currently, Dr. Aiello's panels are open and he is accepting new patients.  Dr. Handwerger is also open for new patients and can be seen under PPO insurance. 

They can do a complete health exam which includes taking a history, performing the physical exam, obtaining pertinent lab work, such as basic labs, hormones and ordering any other tests necessary for workup.  After they have all of the information, they will make recommendations regarding your health.  More specifics can be found here.

Take charge of your health today.  Call the office to see Dr. Aiello or Dr. Handwerger for your complete health care.

The staff at the San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine are experienced in weight loss.  They will be available for all patients by phone and by email.  We require the patients come to the office for weekly weigh-ins.  During that time the patient's questions are answered and reassurance is given that all is going well.

Check out the full San Deigo Center for Integrative Medicine web page here.

You can find more information on natural remedies for pain relief and hormone replacement.

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